Voith Turbo Pumps, Valves, Power Packs

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Voith Turbo Pumps, Valves, Power Packs

Progressive Power & Control sells internal gear pumps, high pressure gear pumps, low-viscosity fluid pumps, multiple flow pumps from Voith Turbo.


The compact design of the Voith pumps allows you to save on space in your machine. The high rates of efficiency thanks to gap compensation allow efficient operation, and the optimized pressure progressions ensure low pump flow and pressure pulsations in your hydraulic system. This, combined with a compact force guide inside the Voith internal gear pump, reduces noise emissions so you can more easily meet the ever stricter workplace regulations.

  • Low Pressure IGP Type IPN
  • Low/Med. Pressure IGP Type IPNE/IPME
  • Medium Pressure IGP Type IPM
  • Medium Pressure IGP Type IPC
  • High Pressure IGP Type IPH
  • High Pressure IGP Type IPV
  • Extended High Pressure IGP Type IPVS


Multi-flow pumps with pumps of the same type:
Voith IP pumps of the same or different sizes can be combined to form multiple-flow pumps. All sizes of Voith multi-flow pumps are available as two or three-flow pumps, and as four-flow pumps in some cases.

Multi-flow pumps with pumps of a different type:
Voith IP multi-flow pump types can be combined with each other.

  • Voith IP pumps are available as two, three-flow pumps, and four-flow pumps.


Voith Turbo has succeeded in integrating the well-established internal gear pumps, type IPM (medium pressure, up to 175 bar) and type IPV (high pressure, up to 330 bar) in an asynchronous electric motor. With that an electro-hydraulic unit is available which is very compact in design while also ensuring remarkable low noise emissions.

  • Continuous pressures up to 330 bar (IPV) or 175 bar (IPM)
  • Asynchronous electric motor, 400V/3~
  • Low noise levels, up to 12 dB(A) lower than the conventional motor/pump unit
  • Compact design, up to 50% less space required than conventional solutions
  • Very low flow and pressure pulsation
  • Absence of dynamic sealing elements offers a high degree of protection against leaks
  • Long service life expectancy and less maintenance through use of fewer wear parts
  • Protection class IP 55, higher protection classes on request
  • Designed with single or double pump
  • Pressure relief and direction control valves can be attached (optional)
  • Suitable for variable-speed drives (variable volume flow)

Variable flow from fixed displacement pumps, electric motor - pump - aggregate (with frequency inverter) EPA/EPAF

The EPA/EPAF units comprise:
Voith internal gear pump or pump combination for the generation of pressure and volume flow. Asynchronous motor to drive the pump. Frequency inverter for controlling the speed of the motor.

EPA/EPAF units can be created with all Voith internal gear pumps

  • Reduced energy requirement
  • Continuously adjustable volume flow


  • Delivery of cooling lubricant in machine tools
  • Die-casting machines
  • Injection molding machines
  • Bending machines
  • Folding presses
  • Presses
  • Lifting devices

Cooling lubricant delivery with variable speed electric motor - pump unit EPAF

Voith Turbo offers an innovative system for the delivery of cooling lubricants.

The EPAF variable-speed motor pump unit with the IPNE/IPME internal gear pump which was specially developed for the delivery of low-viscosity media. Due to its renowned high efficiency, the IPME pump type is particularly suited as a delivery pump for the cooling lubricant circuit in machines with internally cooled tools. A pressure-dependent drive speed control allows cooling lubricant to be delivered as and when it is required. Pressures up to 100 bar can be generated.

Voith Pressure Relief Valves, DBV Series

  • Pressure relief valves, type DBV, are capable of controlling and limiting the operating pressure and the flow rate in a hydraulic system.
  • Independent of the set maximum operating pressure, the valve can switch to pressure-free circulation hydraulically, electromagnetically or via an external control oil connection.

Voith Directional Control Valves

Voith Turbo Hydraulics offers special equipment with standard directional control valves. Due to the compact building design with standing magnet (double solenoid coil with 4/3 valves) the valves can be integrated even in the smallest fitting spaces.

Directional control fast pilot valves make switching times possible, over 50% faster than switching times of direct-controlled valves. Switching time adjustment, stroke limiter and monitoring are available as options.

Voith Flow Control Valves

Voith Turbo hydraulic flow control valves are pressure compensated in the millisecond range, and changes in viscosity do not influence the flow rate. The control range from minimum to maximum can be spread over one, two or three turns of the knob. Thus, the required flow rate can be set very exactly.

Pressure Control Valves

Direct-controlled Voith Turbo pressure control valves are constructed in seat or piston design. The pressure control valve cartridges can be built directly into control blocks. Voith accumulator charging valves with constant switching limit and soft switching are particularly suitable for drive systems. Use memory load valves to design the installed drive power for the average need. All pressure control valves can be equipped with a gauge connecting valve.

Sandwich Plate Valves

The combination of structure and intermediate plate devices permits the realization of control units with many functions in a small space.

The control paths and thus the oil columns are kept very short, a necessary condition for good dynamic behavior of the hydraulic control.

Electro-hydraulic Amplifiers

VTHL electro-hydraulic amplifiers are numerically controlled precision drives. They consist of the set value input assembly, follow-up control valve and the actuator, which can be either a cylinder or a hydraulic motor. Actuator and follow-up control valve are linked by mechanical feedback. Electric low-power set value input combined with a hydraulic actuator result in high power density, low energy consumption, and high closed-loop gain. The electronic controls are coordinated with the special requirements of electro-hydraulic amplifiers. Interface modules make interfacing possible to all kinds of machine controls.

Voith Pressure Relief Valves

Pressure relief valves, type DBV, are capable of controlling and limiting the operating pressure and the flow rate in a hydraulic system.
Independent of the set maximum operating pressure, the valve can switch to pressure-free circulation hydraulically, electromagnetically or via an external control oil connection.

The pressure relief valves DBV 50/60 switch the flow on and off depending on the pressure (hysteresis normally set to 10% of system pressure). To allow direct attachment to hydraulic pumps, and especially Voith IP pumps, the pressure relief valves are available with SAE flange connections in 4 sizes (10, 16, 25, 32 mm). The installation orientation can be freely selected.

Voith Power Packs

VTHL hydraulic units guarantee your pressure supply. With Voith's accumulator charging technique you generate exactly as much hydraulic energy as demanded by the process. The momentary available volume flow, dependent on the selected accumulator size, will be a multiple of the actually installed pump volume capacity.

Other Voith Turbo products:

  • Fluid couplings, start-up components
  • Variable-speed couplings/Torque Converters
  • Actorics for Turbo Machinery
  • Voith Hydrostatic pumps
  • Universal joint shafts & connections
  • Safety couplings
  • Highly flexible couplings

Voith Combination Pump
Voith Combination Pump

Voith Hybrid Motor/Pump
Voith Hybrid Motor/Pump

Voith Internal Gear Pump
Voith Internal Gear Pump

Voith Variable Pump
Voith Variable Pump

Voith Pressure Releif Valve
Voith Pressure Releif Valve

Voith Turbo EPAI Motor/pump hybrid system
Voith Turbo EPAI Motor/pump hybrid system

Voith EPA with single and double pump
Voith EPA with single and double pump

EPAF with single pump
EPAF with single pump for pumping coolant lubricants

Voith Pressure Relief Valve
Voith Pressure Relief Valve